Blackface is Back! Fraternity Now Under Investigation For Racist YouTube Video

Those UC Irvine Anteaters, always making the best decisions …

As an alumni of UCI, I am always excited to hear about my school being in the news. I mean after slaving after for four years there, one develops an unexplainable relationship with the campus that usually ends with me yelling, “Oh my god I went there!” But sadly there are times when students at my wonderful school make very — how do I put this nicely? — stupid-ass decisions.

Just last week, a student-produced video of four fraternity members of Lambda Theta Delta appeared on YouTube showing the four guys dancing to Justin Timberlake’s song, “Suit and Tie,” with one of the members dressed blackface pretending to be Jay-Z. From there, the UCI campus has practically exploded with many campus organizations speaking out against the blatant racist content of the video. Let it be known, world, if there is one thing UC Irvine isn’t down for, it’s racism. While the original video was quickly taken down by the fraternity, a copy has been re-uploaded on the channel Shame. L with the comment:

“This kind of racist anti-black action is deeply disturbing, and people need to understand just how prevalent racism still is in our society. It does not matter if there is a disclaimer that racism was not intended. Blackface has a long history of racism and in no way does their disclaimer avoid racism.”

The LTD fraternity is the oldest running Asian fraternity at UCI and prides itself on its Asian heritage and “fostering cultural awareness.” In the newly uploaded video, names of the fraternity members involved are included as they appear on screen. UC Irvine has launched an investigation, and is still in the process of deciding the fate of both the students involved as well as the entire fraternity.

I think there are two major points we can take away from the video. One, no matter how your friends spin it, painting your face to portray a black rapper in a video is not a good idea. And two, nothing can ever be fully erased after going up on YouTube. Just some golden advice from me to you.

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