‘Boys Club’ Tumblr Exposing Companies without Female Execs Goes Viral — Gender Equality, Schmender Equality


Hey, where all the women at?

The Tumblr “Boys Club” has set out to expose major companies that don’t have as much as a single woman holding an executive position. It is just p*nis as far as the eye can see for these companies, which include Shell Oil, Burger King and the International Olympic Committee. Looking at company after company dominated by testosterone on “Boys Club” makes us wonder: Is gender inequality in the workplace is really a thing of the past?

A study conducted by U.S. News at the end of 2012 showed that only 14.3 percent of women hold an executive position at a Fortune 500 company, and more than one-quarter of all Fortune 500 companies haven’t a female executive at all. Started just four days ago, the Tumblr has already caused quite a stir amongst the internet community, much of which is upset over how many companies lack a female presence.

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