‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Gets A Fantastic Movie Trailer by Gritty Reboots on YouTube [VIDEO]



I am officially excited for the age we live in.

As evidenced by this “movie trailer” for “Calvin & Hobbes: The Movie,” the Gritty Reboots’ channel on YouTube has proven that average joes are capable of making better-looking special effects than Hollywood. We’ve been seeing evidence of it for some time now, what with dazzling effects-heavy content by Freddie Wong, Gabe Michael and Andrew McMurry. But today, Gritty Reboots made me a believer.

Culling every fun trope from the world of Calvin & Hobbes — originally a heady comic strip by Bill Watterson, Gritty Reboots dares to dream: “What if Calvin were growing up and his imagination didn’t like that?” It’s sort of like the movie “TED” on acid.

Now, we’ll just have to see what we can do about getting this damn movie made. Somebody hold a Kickstarter or something ….

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