Can You ‘Ship My Pants’? Kmart Toilet Humor Ad Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Whenever I think of Kmart, I think of their 30-second commercials about their best deals of the week. Of course, that doesn’t make them stand out these days. In this economy, companies have to think outside the box, even if it might mean adding some potty humor to their ads.

In the viral ad, the Kmart store worker tells shoppers that they will “ship your pants” or anything you can’t find in store for free, which somehow ends up getting everyone in the store excited about “shipping their pants.” Hell, they even have a hashtag for it: #shipmypants.

Now that I’m aware of this deal, I can’t wait to ship my pants. Thanks, Kmart!

If you thought this ad was pretty funny, why not check out this one with the moonwalking pony or the one with the guy who has trouble saying “chicken pot pie”?

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