Music Licensing Company AudioSocket Announces Partnership with YouTube Fashion Network StyleHaul


Last week, music licensing company Audiosocket announced their partnership with Stylehaul, one of YouTube’s largest beauty and fashion networks. Audiosocket will be providing the content creators of the stylish network with access to thousands of current and indie songs that have been licensed for video use. Founded five years ago by co-founder and COO/president Jenn Miller, the music licensing company was created to provide content creators easy access to music without the worry that the tracks included in their videos would break any infringement or licensing rules. Miller, who has worked doing music clearance supervision for companies such as Monster and Skullcandy, said: “Audiosocket basically just allows content creators, whether they be user-generated content who are doing it for fun and pleasure to add supportive content creators on YouTube through professional content creators, a simple and easy way to search, discover and license what we call culturally relevant music from emerging artists and bands around the world.”


In the new partnership with Audiosocket, StyleHaul’s 1800 channels will have access to the music licensing company’s 50,000 pre-licensed indie songs. “When we began talking to StyleHaul, they admitted that one of the greatest challenges they faced was the inclusion of music by content creators in their videos,” states Miller. “It’s very difficult for ad-supported creators to monetize their work when they’ve included music. There is very limited routes or paths you can go to get music where you’re not going to end up paying all of your revenue over to the person that administers that music. What we basically set out to do with StyleHaul is we built a technology to work within the YouTube ecosystem where all parties win. The content creator wins because they’re still making their money; the songwriter wins because they’re actually making money every single time a license is done and nobody is getting infringement notices.”

The partnership between Audiosocket and StyleHaul is one in many recent changes for the StyleHaul network who earlier last month received a $6.5 million investment from BDMI Bertelsmann Digital. Moving forward, Audiosocket hopes to continue eliminating friction between YouTube and its creators. For independent creators, Audiosocket offers the same services to eliminate the complications that can arise from using an unlicensed song in a YouTube video. “We take the worries out, the challenges out of finding [music], securing it, making sure that they can use it,” states Miller. “We firmly believe that music inspires and enhances media.”

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