Community-Driven News Site Newsana Features Troll-Free Discussions


A visit to most news websites will show that for every intelligent point made in a comments section, there’s always around a dozen comments that are just downright offensive.

A Canadian entrepreneur is trying to bring civilized dialogue back with his new venture called Newsana, which aims to elevate the news topics and discussions to a higher level. Originally a site dedicated to finding the best human rights content, Newsana evolved to become a website produced by developers and social media experts that merges the best features community-driven news sites like Reddit have to offer with added quality curation.

Trolls need not apply for Newsana, said founder Ben Peterson, who is trying to create a community of people who are passionately interested in news and creating conversation topics that matter.

Peterson told TechCrunch: “The biggest challenge for us is to keep the quality high. While we love and respect Reddit and strive for the same kind of community interaction, we don’t want to become just another social, news-sharing clone.”

Instead, Newsana will be an invite-only site at the moment, where users can curate posts and be rewarded with points based on constructive participation. Higher-ranked users are given more clout on the site.

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