Crazy Cat Man Bikes With Feline Friend on His Shoulders In Ultimate YouTube Video Of Friendship

Move over pups, man is trading you in for a new best friend.

In my 22 long years of life, I have had the pleasure of conversing with many cat fanatics. We all have them in our lives, those people that spend their Saturday nights dressing up their cats in bow ties for impromptu photo shoots. I mean the internet was practically created off the blood, sweat and tears of the millions of cat videos that make up YouTube and Vimeow. So while I appreciate the great lives of these crazy cat men and women, some things are just too much.

The YouTube video “GoPro: Cat Bike Guy – Philadelphia, PA”  captures the bicycle rides of Rudi Saldia and his feline companion MJ, who sits atop his owner’s shoulders as they cycle around Philadelphia each day. To begin their adventures, Rudi consults with MJ on where he would like to go that day, and after a series of meows, they are off, dodging through traffic together. Now I don’t have a lot of experience cycling with my animals on top of me, but from what I know of cats, riding with one on your shoulders while a fire truck screams by you is a recipe for disaster. Sure, at first I thought, “How sweet Rudi loves his kitten,” but when Rudi starts blowing kisses to MJ I realized their relationship was too much for me, and the internet world, to handle. But in the spirit of being non-judgmental of other people’s lifestyles, I am asking you, dear reader: crazy cat man or attentive pet owner? I’ll leave the verdict up to you.

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