Crowdsourced Fundraising Campaigns Raise Over $1MM Dollars For Boston Marathon Victims In 72 Hours


In just the few days following the Boston Marathon bombing, individual fundraising efforts for survivors of the tragedy have collectively raised over $1,000,000 to cover medical and rehabilitation costs. Campaigns have been opened across numerous crowdfunding websites, such as GoFundMe and GiveForward, and become a way for both loved ones and strangers to support the 183 people affected by the tragedy.

Many campaigns set up for individuals have gone viral in the 48 to 72 hours they’ve been live online, with some prominent ones being “Bucks for Bauman,” “Celeste & Sydney Recovery Fund” and “Help Patrick and Jess.” The “Bucks for Bauman” campaign, established on the site GoFundMe, has raised over $165,000 for runner Jeff Bauman and his family to help cover the cost of his medical bills from injuries caused after the bomb. Likewise, “Help for Patrick and Jess” on the site GiveForward, has raised just over $410,000 in 48 hours and will help in the couple’s rehabilitation for severe leg injuries they sustained from the bombs.

“People get angry. They want to get involved. They want to help,” said GoFundMe CEO Brad Damphousse in an article to CNNMoney. “Crowdfunding is actually really empowering for donors.”


Crowdfunding has become popular for donors because sites such as GoFundMe and GiveForward employ a variety of safeguards to ensure that donations are going directly to the victims. These campaigns are also able to appeal to individuals with photos and stories of the victims to create a more personal connection between donor and victims.

Collectively, these online fundraisers have raised millions of dollars in a matter of days and continue to grow as they move around the social media world. Donors not only have the option to donate to a specific individual, but also to help fund support for all victims of the tragedy by donating to funds like “The One Fund Boston” and “Technology Supports Victims of Boston Marathon Bombing.” The crowdfunding sites have provided a space for communities to rally together to support their loved ones and has given people around the world the opportunity to make a positive difference in the wake of tragedy.

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