YouTube Comedian David So Exposes The Music Video Trolls In New Vevo Series ‘The Comment Show’ [VIDEO]

Today, Vevo is launching “The Comment Show,” where YouTube comedian David So skewers, praises and analyzes the latest postings from “the black hole of humanity” — the comments section of Vevo’s hottest music videos. Only the strongest and strangest opinions get top billing in this web series.

The description sums up the show’s purpose: “If you are a troll, a defender, a music fan, have strong opinions on today’s top musicians or just like to come on YouTube to talk smack and get in comment fights, you are no longer safe.”

“The Comment Show” star David So told NMR:

“‘The Comment Show’ is a great opportunity for me to branch out from what I’ve been doing with my YouTube channel. As an artist, the show gives me an opportunity to show people that I’m not just a one trick pony. The experience with Vevo has been great and I’m excited to see how far the show will go. Hope ya’ll like it!”

“The Comment Show” is one of many web series launched by Vevo as they try to grow out of their YouTube roots and into their own dedicated website and its various platforms such as Xbox Live and Roku.

Speaking to NMR last week, Vevo’s Senior Vice President of Content and Programming Doug McVehil said that unlike MTV, Vevo TV’s shows will always stay faithful to music: “I think the key difference and the thing that is going to keep us different is our complete allegiance to music. We will always be all music; even when we have shows they have music at their core. Everything we do is completely infused with music and will always be; we’re not gonna do shows that are not somehow focused on music.”

Watch the premiere episode of “The Comment Show” in the video above.

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