DevinSuperTramp is Recruiting ‘Super Athletes’ — Check Out ‘The World’s Best Jump Roper’ [VIDEO]



I’m not quite sure what DevinSuperTramp is up to, but watching his new videos, it is clear now that I have absolutely no talents he would be interested in.

Lately, Devin’s YouTube channel has been hard to recognize, mainly because he is doing much of his film work behind the camera. For reasons unknown ($$$), Devin is now uploading videos of other people engaging in spectacular feats of athleticism. Joining the ranks of a boy yo-yo master and a girl who can do nifty things with a soccer ball, is this girl … some anonymous jump roper. What’s particularly fascinating is that though Devin films her and credits himself for doing so — along with the guy who provides the soundtrack (really, like Tarantino, one of Devin’s best talents is pairing music and image beautifully), he never identifies the jump roper. He literally calls her the “world’s best jump roper” (and she might well be — check out the part where she “loses” the jump rope only to have it boomerang back into her hands), but that is all the knowledge we get.

The others too, only have names like “Soccer Girl,” “Yo-Yo Kid” and “World’s Best Scooter Riders.” It’s as if Devin wants all the celebrity for himself … or perhaps it’s something more sinister than simple ego? What if instead of “super athletes” he’s recruiting an army of Russian super soldiers? No, wait, that sounds pretty stupid. But there is something strange going on here, dagnabbit.

If I turn up dead in the next couple days with suspicious yo-yo-shaped dents in my skull though, blame the super soldiers!

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