Did GMA Do Her Wrong? Jenna Marbles & YouTube Lash Back Over Unfair ‘Good Morning America’ Interview

Don’t mess with the internet — b*tches be crazy!

On April 14th, Jenna Marbles was featured in the New York Times’ Sunday Styles section in an article that chronicled her rise to YouTube stardom. A traditional media platform writing about the power of social media (?!), it seemed as if the internet world was gaining the recognition that it deserves. But following the article, Marbles sat down with “Good Morning America’s” Cecilia Vega in an hour-long interview to discuss the article and Marbles’ take on her rise to fame.

The interview, that was supposed to highlight Marbles’ work in the social media world, quickly turned into an hour of Vega probing Marbles with belittling questions such as, “Why should anyone care?” and “Do you think you deserve to have all the fans that you do?” Marbles recently responded in a statement on her blog sharing her annoyance at being patronized by Vega and also her anger at traditional media continuing to look down upon the personalities and creators of the internet world. Marbles posted:



Following her blog post, some of YouTube’s largest names — including Michael Buckley, Shane Dawson and Anthony Padilla of Smosh — have come out in support of Marbles, sharing their own frustrations at GMA’s tactless interview that mocked the internet.



As a writer for an online magazine that focuses on social media, it seems to me that mocking the reigning queen of YouTube is as smart as running into a bullfight in a red-sequined bodysuit. Marbles — who has a masters degree in sports psychology — makes upwards of $4.3 million dollars a year from her channel alone. So while GMA chose to focus on the “ridiculous” aspects of Jenna’s videos, they neglected to comment on her success branding herself and her channel. The internet loves her for just being her — can anyone in Hollywood say the same? Her videos, while, yes, ridiculous at times, are the perfect blend of comedy, satire, sass and social commentary that have gained her a loyal fanbase of 8.4 million subscribers (she is the third most subscribed to channel on YouTube). So good luck to Cecilia Vegas (whose house is probably being raided and burned by Marble’s fans as we speak), because trying to make Jenna Marbles look like “a dumb drunk” on television — now that’s ridiculous.

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