Dogs Wearing PantyHose Meme Walks Line Between Cute and Disturbing [GALLERY]

There are three distinct things that animals are not down to do. One, they are not down for people riding on their backs; that is a common myth they wish to have cleared up. Two, dogs don’t want to run marathons alongside you. And three, they are not into dressing up like humans, end of story.

But after the popularization of the newest meme “dogs wearing pantyhose,” pet owners are seeing these rules more as guidelines. The popular meme, which originated from the Chinese social networking website Weibo, has owners dressing up their dogs in pantyhose and high heels. And if that isn’t embarrassing enough for the canine, the owner insists on photographing them and sharing the photo with the rest of the world. Don’t we know his buddies at obedience training are going to have a field day with these bad boys!

In every photograph, the dogs’ heads are lowered in shame as they try to avoid the humiliation of the situation. Sure the photos are cute because they involve dogs (I am honestly a sucker for anything that walks on four legs and is furry, except tarantulas — I hate those guys), but besides that, dogs wearing pantyhose is just downright creepy. There is something incredibly unnatural about dogs wearing something humans hate to wear themselves. Almost as unnatural as a mockingbird swimming underwater or my grandmother sharing her emotions with the family. So go give your dog a hug and promise them you will never embarrass them with something like this. Trust me, it will only make your relationship stronger.

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