LIVE NOW: Coachella on YouTube


So you didn’t get Coachella tickets, huh? Maybe you just forgot about it, you’re too poor or you claim that the concert is “now too mainstream.” Whatever bullshit excuse you have, you now don’t have to miss the show. Coachella, for the third year in a row, has announced that they will be live streaming the concert from their YouTube page.

The popular three-day concert (April 12-14, 2013), which this year features performances by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wu Tang Clan and, hopefully, an encore by Tupac’s ghost, just announced the live stream via its blog post (here) to coincide with its release of its performance lineup. So, by God, now you have no reason to not brag about how cool you are come “watercooler time” at the office next Monday morning.

I’ll even make you a deal: You can come over to my house to watch it for free, but I am going to overcharge you for water, make you stand in a long line to use the bathroom and then feel your boobs when you try to crowd surf.

Exercise caution when watching the 27-minute video above — it’s earthy as fuck and should possibly only be viewed with mind-altering drugs.