Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ Viral Video Shows How Women Actually See Themselves

Dove has been touting “Real Beauty” for the past 10 years now, not only to increase sales for its wide range of soaps and lotions, but also to change how women think about their about their own beauty.

They’ve used real women as part of their billboard campaigns and more recently tricked graphic designers into downloading a Photoshop action that supposedly added a skin glow to the sample image, but actually un-Photoshopped the photos.

For Dove’s latest “Real Beauty” YouTube experiment, they hired Gil Zamora, an FBI-trained forensic artist, to sketch women based on how they described themselves. But the women don’t know that Zamora also created another sketch based on what their friends think they look like. See how the women react to the two completely different sketches of themselves in Dove’s latest viral video above.

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