Dreams Do Come True: ‘Kickalicious’ Viral YouTube Star Signs With Detroit Lions NFL Team [VIDEO]



So this guy, Havard Rugland, has over 3 million views for his video entitled “Kickalicious” in which he makes a series of incredible field goals and stunt kicks with a football. And though he’s not able to monetize on the video because he uses a Dropkick Murphy song in it which he doesn’t have the copyright for, that doesn’t sting him a bit. You see, that video, which combined a cool talent with a badass song, just got Rugland signed with the Detroit Lions.

Rugland, a Norwegian, uploaded the video under the title “Kickalicious” with no pretenses of anything more coming from it than a few people getting a kick (*cough) out of it. And now, he’s signed with the National Football League. It’s like another “Goldenthroat”/Susan Boyle heartwarming story — chalk another one up to YouTube.

Rugland initially tried out for the New York Jets, but quietly did not make the cut, and it was expected that he would return to obscurity with a fun “almost” story to tell in the pub. But then Detroit came calling and — gimmick or not — apparently liked what they saw.

While Rugland still has to compete for the job against recently signed ex-49er kicker David Akers, I think we can all clearly learn the value of having a good soundtrack to back our YouTube videos from now on.

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