EpicMealTime & Collective Digital Announce ‘Epic Tool Time,’ Renew ‘Epic Chef’

For those of you hungry for more bacon-drenched, artery-clogging EpicMealTime tomfoolery, NextTime Productions (the production company founded by EMT creator Harley Morenstein) and Collective Digital Studio rolled out some good news today.

EpicMealTime cooking competition “Epic Chef” has been renewed for a second season after a wildly successful first season performance on YouTube. “Epic Chef,” the brainchild of Morenstein and CDS, takes cooking shows in the vein of “Chopped” and “Iron Chef” and infuses them with the extra special, extra large EpicMealTime flare — which of course means everyone is drunk, angry and covered in a fine coat of bacon grease.

CDS and NextTime Productions also announced a spin off EMT series, “Epic Tool Time,” which will partner up Morenstein and crew with the fine folks from West Coast Customs to create, as a press release unfortunately calls them, “the meatiest man caves ever created!” Gross.

You may remember West Coast Customs from MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” — the very same show that put DVD players in no less than a dozen Honda Accords.

“Our collaboration with WestCoast Customs is really going to change the game. The concept of the show seems like the natural evolution for our brand outside of the kitchen. These guys know how to do it right, and we are anticipating a lot of wild antics in this new production,” said Morenstein in a press release announcing the collaboration.

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