Evian Scores With 29 Million+ Views For ‘Baby & Me’ Ad [VIDEO]


Apparently, Evian is still relevant.

The French bottled water company just scored a MASSIVE online success with more than 29 million views for their latest commercial, “Baby & Me.”

The commercial, which depicts a bunch of street folk dancing to the reflectives of their baby selves, somehow conveys that our baby versions approve of the choice we’re making when we choose Evian. Of course, as a baby I didn’t know the difference between mashed potatoes and mashed shit, so babies, usually, aren’t the best judge of quality.

The advertising nut in me is frustrated that this commercial resonates with people like it does. I imagine the ad company sitting around with their berets, thin cigarettes and baguettes, just discussing how to reel the views in:

Frog 1: Sacré bleu! We can put a babee in zis commercial for overpriced watah!
Frog 2: Non, non non, Jacqués. We will put lots of babees in zis commercial. Un ist good, many is magnifiqué!

And so forth.

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