Facebook Unveils Simpler, Flatter Logos on Web, Mobile Platforms


Facebook’s latest smartphone updates not only featured a cleaner news feed, but the app and website also now also sport simpler symbols and logos to navigate through its many sections.

Unlike many new logos that are more 3D-visual, Facebook’s main “f” logo will go flat and the transparent white strip that has been part of the logo for quite some time has been removed. The new “f” logo now is much simpler and has the “f” letter pulled down to the edge of the box. It is in conjunction with Facebook’s new layout and the introduction of its smartphone platform Facebook Home, which went live on selected Android devices last week.

Besides the new “f” logo, Facebook has simplified icons in its smartphone app and on its website such as Privacy, Security, Universities and Mobile for easier understanding and navigation. All the new icons have a symbol on a blue background.

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