Facebook’s New Emoticon Feature Encourages Users To Share Their Feelings


Noticed that smiley face button on the bottom left-hand corner when you’re trying to put out a status update on Facebook? Besides creepily asking you “What’s on your mind?” Facebook wants to know your feelings and what you’re doing through its new emoticon feature that adds smiley faces to your statuses.

The emoticon feature is available on a limited number of profiles, but Mashable reports that it will be on all United States profiles soon.

If you want to start using the feature, find the smiley button and click on it. Then you will be asked “What are you doing?” and you can click on these specific categories: feeling, watching, reading, listening to, drinking and eating. Clicking on these specific categories reveal a wide array of emoticons and icons that reflect your mood or what you’ve had for lunch.

If you’re feeling tired, there’s an emoticon for that. If you’ve just downed a few beers, there’s an emoticon that you can share with your friends.

The new emoticon feature could be an interesting way of encouraging more interaction on Facebook. After all, those teenagers on Facebook are starting to become less interested.

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