First World Problems? 25% of Employees Now Demand Social Media in the Workplace


Is “Facebooking” the new “smoke break”?

According to a new study by Intelligent Office — a virtual office space franchise that in no way whatsoever has anything to gain by conducting and promoting a social media survey, a full one quarter of America’s labor force will not work for an employer that bans Facebook. Also according to the study, nearly one-third of all employees everywhere spend more than an hour a day interacting on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Ashley Madison.

“Technology has made it possible to change the way we work, and now we simply see workers embracing the freedom to do so,” Tom Camplese, Intelligent Office’s chief operating officer, told BusinessNewsDaily. Of course, NMR heard about this from Yahoo News, so give them some credit too.

The study appears to reveal not only a shift in the way people view their work environments, but also the entitlement issues of our modern workforce. How do you think your grizzled old grandfather, with his spine permanently bent from lugging coal, his arthritic fingers and his rheumy eyes, would react if he knew that you were demanding to work in a place that allowed you to gab with your gal pals via your social media account?

Then again, this is the status of the changing world and businesses might just [Jeff pauses typing to upload a Schwarzenegger impression video to his Vine account] need to learn to deal with it.

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