Forbes Calls Upon Grumpy Cat For Business Advice — She Is Unimpressed [VIDEO]

With her first birthday just behind her, Grumpy Cat’s busy schedule has left her little time to celebrate. Just last week she sat down with Forbes magazine to talk with memeologist Michael Noer in a YouTube video, “Grumpy Cat: The Forbes Interview,” about her insights into her success in creating a brand around herself. Yet when the tough questions come flying her way, she handles them with the poise of a young Princess Diana and the grace of Audrey Hepburn.

Noer asks her such things as: Is your existential depth inspired by Kafka? What are your thoughts as a meme creator on how the internet is transforming the world? Do you think it’s time for you to end the search to obtain your happiness? Sure, other people who have quacked in their boots at the world utopianism being thrown at them, but for Grumpy Cat there is only one way to answer these complicated questions: with a scowl and a sassy comment. Take her advice in this interview to heart; she is a feline of few but definite words, and just to hear her is to make your life a little sweeter.

If the questions thrown at Tard sound familiar, it might be because you read them in NMR’s interview with Mishka the Talking Husky, which can be found here. Just sayin’.

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