Watch Live Stream Here: Hosts First Ever ‘Forefront Comedy Night’


(Jeff nervously taps the microphone, feedback emits from speakers)

Uhh, attention everyone … (crowd keeps drinking, not caring)

Listen up, internet!!!

Some good things are headed your way if you’ll just lend me some eyes, ears and brains for a moment or two. It seems the innovators over at have found a new way to make you laugh:

Introducing, for your viewing entertainment, tonight at 8 p.m. PT sharp, a show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! I’m talking young comics doing what they do best, live, right through the magic of your ISP! I’ve seen a few things live streamed in my day, but i’m pretty sure that this is the first time anyone has live streamed a comedy show, which puts at the forefront of breaking web barriers. Not bad work if you can get it., if you aren’t familiar, is a premiere video site started by Destorm Power and Big Frame, that not only finds the best new urban content online, but is also a creator, manufacturing their own brand of sweet viewable goodness.

So now, for your LOL pleasure, the likes of JSnowPro, Andrew Bachelor, J.D. Witherspoon, Ryan Coleman and a few other special guests will be performing onstage at the first ever “Forefront Comedy Night.”

I don’t have any generic executive quotes talking about how excited they are about this concept and the demographics that it might appeal to, because I don’t need ‘em. If you can breathe, you can laugh. If you can get internet, you should be tuned in. You just ran out of excuses. BOOM.

(Jeff drops the mic)

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