Foreign-Language Streaming Platform Viki Announces Website Update, Improved Subtitling


If you’ve been trying to catch up with the latest Korean or Japanese dramas, chances are you’re checking out Viki on a regular basis. Viki features dozens of titles from around the world that are subtitled with the help of thousands of volunteer translators.

The Singapore-based streaming site announced an improved website which features an upgraded video player and easier subtitling features. Rohit Dewan, vice president of engineering, wrote in a blog post that the new features are designed to “improve engagement and overall consumption.”

He wrote: “The great thing about building a popular product is that many people learn about it and tell their friends. The challenge comes when you try to scale that product to accommodate tens and even hundreds of millions of users. Over the last year, we’ve been hard at work doing just that: making Viki easier to scale so that we can bring you a better performing, faster site and apps, as well as an easier-to-use set of APIs for partners of all kinds.”

The company hopes that the new interface would help its standing in streaming video. Currently, Viki boasts around 22 million unique visitors on the website, with 7 million of them coming from smartphones and other mobile devices.

Besides the Viki website, the video-streaming site also has a small presence on YouTube. Their channels have a sampling of Korean dramas, translation tutorials and exclusive interviews with Asian pop stars and personalities.

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