Lucas Cruikshank | YouTube & Television Actor

So oh em gee, Lucas stays in this big gated apartment complex (we heard one of the ‘Jersey Shore’ cast members lived there too! GTL!) and me and the NMR team totally had a hard time getting in. We were like, “Let us in,” and they were all like, “Um, no way! Who are you?” Ugh, it was so frustrating. But then finally, FINALLY, we got in, and when we got to his apartment, he opened his door, and it was like, wow. He was just kinda chillin’ there, wearing these big awesome boots. Totally cool, totally down to earth. Also, he had a cat named Marvin, and his new Nickelodeon show is called “Marvin Marvin.” How amazing is that? Hey, let’s take iPhone mirror pics in the restroom for Josh. LOL.

That’s how I’d relay the story if I were a female fan (considering this day and age, male fans too) that had grown up with creator-writer-director-star Lucas Cruikshank on YouTube and Nickelodeon. Alas, I am that age plus 1,000,000,000 – or at least that’s what my lower back tells me in the morning (also my complete disconnect from popular “music” – “You mean to tell me that construction noise from across the street is actually the ‘dubbstep’? The ‘Skrillest’?”) – and so I will have to revert back to good ol’ me. Zzzz.

Lucas Cruikshank, the 19-year-old Nickelodeon star and creator of YouTube breakout pop culture character Fred Figglehorn (the little kid with the annoying voice), is killing it (literally, too. R.I.P. 2005-2012 the little kid with the annoying voice. Lucas, you monster). Lucas has a new show (not as the little kid with the annoying voice) on Nickelodeon and he’s returning hardcore to his YouTube roots with his namesake Lucas channel (check out the channel banner – the little kid with the annoying voice is no more! Lucas has moved on! Let him be!) Check out my interview with the humble and talented Lucas below to find out what he thinks of being identified as (and moving on from) the little kid with the annoying voice (is Fr*d F*gglehorn the new He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?), his favorite YouTubers, YouTube being as good as TV, and his new show “Marvin Marvin.”

Lucas-Cruikshank-1For the interview in video format, please go to the last page.

What’s a typical day for you like?

Lucas Cruikshank: A typical day for me, I guess it depends if I’m shooting or not, like when I was filming the Nickelodeon show “Marvin Marvin” we would be rehearsing part of the week and then we’d be filming in front of a live studio audience with a bunch of kids, so that was super fun. But now I’m off work so I’m starting to get more back into the YouTube content and more connecting with my fans in that way, so I’ve been making videos with friends and myself and that sort of thing, and it’s been really fun.

You started uploading your videos when you were 13, and now you’re 19 years old. So you were 13 playing a 6-year-old then and now you’re 19 playing a 6-year-old — how different is that?

The Fred character is 6 years old but I really haven’t done the Fred character for like a year since I shot “Fred 3” for Nickelodeon, and other than that he made like a cameo in one of my videos just like as a joke. But I think for the most part as far as YouTube goes I’d rather just try new characters or be myself and that sort of thing just because, like you said, I’m 19 playing a 6-year-old, which is fine, but I think I’ve done so many Fred videos I just want to try new things. I think most of my fans want to see new things.

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