Fullscreen Opens Universal Music Library To Its Artists


In February, Universal Music Publishing Group announced a partnership with the two biggest YouTube networks — Maker Studios and Fullscreen — that grants them immediate access to the company’s extensive library. Since soundtracks and covering songs are essential on YouTube, this was a very significant coup for both networks.

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Today, Fullscreen announced in a blog post that it is launching an updated platform that grants Fullscreen Artist Mix (FAM) artists immediate access to Universal Music Publishing Group’s library. If an artist wants to cover, say, Bruno Mars’s “Locked Out of Heaven” or Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie,” all they have to do is log on to Fullscreen, click the FAM tab on the top of the page, and choose from a list of hit songs. Once they’ve finished making the video, they can upload it and earn revenue as it gets views.

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