Gen C Watches YouTube All Day, Every Day on More Than One Screen [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gen C: a generation of narcissistic, entitled, developmentally arrested trophy kids and cloying hipster-derivatives with too much free time on their hands … but that time is spent on YouTube! And smartphones! And computer screens! On Facebook and Twitter! And Justin Bieber! But, Gen C is powerful because they know what they want and their desires reverberate across all the internet kingdom – niche marketing made all the easier for advertisers. And that’s what matters! Hooray!

For your education and enjoyment, NMR’s roundtable of graphic designers has whipped up an infographic on “Gen C, the Powerful Demographic” from data we collected from a Google AdWords Agency Blog post. Behold the wonderment that is Gen C’s obsession with watching YouTube anywhere and everywhere, and on multiple screens throughout the day!



Infographic by Jess Slater

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