General Zod Wants Us to Return Superman in Hot New Viral Ad [VIDEO]



This is not the beginning, but maybe an important jump point, of what I believe will be a cool new aspect for marketing movies. If life were a screenplay, we would call this an inciting incident.

Man of Steel” looks cool to me, not because the movie itself looks all that good, but because they’ve enlisted a smart marketing firm to promote the film. I think that marketing campaigns that actively sweep average joes like me up, are part of the next wave of moviemaking.

We’ve seen interesting promotions before, i.e. “The Blair Witch Project’s” sort of “is it real? found footage” campaign, but now the major studios are hopefully catching onto the notion that many of us have to be sort of wooed into seeing a movie in the theatre anymore.

Here, General Zod threatens to blow up Earth unless we turn Superman over to him (actually he calls him Kal-El, but you and Superman aren’t on a “first name basis” so disregard that). I like this because it brings me in on the decision-making. I feel like my vote matters here. And, obviously, I think we should do what this “General Zod” says — I think he will respect Earth’s sovereignty and leave us alone if we subjugate ourselves to his mad whims temporarily.

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