Girl Snorts Condom Up Her Nose — 1 Million+ Watch ‘The Condom Challenge’ [VIDEO]



At first, I was like, “She is one messed up teen,” after seeing this girl snort a condom through her nose, but then I noticed she has an ad on her page and a million plus views. Now I’m like, “Should I do ribbed or lambskin?”

The gross-out/bizarre fad train continues rolling with the introduction of “The Condom Challenge,” where girls are inhaling condoms through their nose and pulling them out their mouth, gagging as they do.

It is extra disturbing because, in the video, as the girl unwraps the condom, her eyes bulge out and you get the vibe that she’s never even seen a jimmy hat before. “It’s so long,” she exclaims even, and the future parent in me shudders.

Already reaction videos have begun popping up, so expect this fad to grow a little bit in infamy — particularly because it involves teenage girls and condoms. 4chan must be delirious with joy.


For more visual grossouts, here is a girl who sucks on a tampon and a girl who brushes her teeth with poop. Girls are yucky.

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