Got 10,000 iPhone 5s Just Laying Around? The Answer: ‘10,000 iPhone 5 Dominos’ [VIDEO]

Want to get a major corporation like Apple’s attention? A YouTube video featuring 10 thousand iPhones should do the trick.

3D animation firm Aatma Studio created the YouTube video “10,000 iPhone 5 Domino” as a creative way to showcase the iPhone 5’s near field communications (NFC) feature which passes content from one iPhone screen to another and can enlarge a video onto numerous screens if they are held together. The video begins as a cheery group of people — which includes YouTubers Scott Bromlet and Annie Gaus of “Tech Feed News” and Laci Green of “Sex+” — set off a line of iPhones that must have taken them about 1,478 hours to set up. As the iPhones fall up and down the hallways and in and out of elevators, the phones light up as pictures are passed along to each device and ends in a spectacular formation. The video is one of many iPhone videos created by Aatma Studios whose other videos — “iPhone 5 Concept Features” and “iPad 3 Concept Features” — both went viral. So if you have some free time during your lunch break and a thousand iPhones on hand, see if the NFC feature really works. I mean, how hard can dominos really be to set up?

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