Gritty Reboots Gives Children’s Book ‘Goodnight Moon’ A Terror-rific Movie Trailer [VIDEO]



Jumping-nightmare-jesus, the Gritty Reboots crew is back with a terrifying take on what used to be such a sweet simple tale of an anthropomorphic rabbit saying goodnight to everything he loves.

Hewing closely to their namesake, Gritty Reboots has given the once-beloved, classic children’s bedtime story “Goodnight Moon” a movie trailer Rob Zombie would be too terrified to direct. Twisting the formerly pleasant motifs of an omnipresent mouse and and innocent red balloon into objects of mounting terror in a Kafka-esque dreamscape, the Gritty Reboots crew has easily bested their terrific “Calvin & Hobbes” trailer. This video is going to give nightmares to your nightmares. Hell, somehow even the once-pleasant lady knitting in her rocker has become a stand-in for all that is unholy and soulless about the boogeyman.

David Zimmerman, one of the creators of the “Good Night Moon” “reimagining” had this to say to NMR by way of explanation for the demons that delightfully inspire him:

“As for the making of ‘Goodnight Moon’, we thought it would be fun to put a horrific twist on a beloved children’s bedtime story. The funny thing is, we were actually inspired by the self-referential nature of the book itself. In the story, the character in bed has the Goodnight Moon book sitting on his bedside table, and the picture of the cow jumping over the moon can also be found within the picture of the three bears sitting on chairs. Kinda creepy, right?”

Well, it is now …

“We apologize to mothers everywhere, as the family-friendly search results for this children’s book are likely doomed,” Zimmerman added.

Yeah, no shit.

Be sure to stay tuned, because I am going to set up a Skype interview with these wonderfully talented joy-killers.

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