Half-Naked Belgian Army ‘Harlem Shake’ Lands Soldiers in Hot Water [VIDEO]



Apparently, there are fun armies and not-so-fun armies. The Norwegian army, who were early adopters of the “Harlem Shake” craze, seem like a laid-back sort of good-time crew. The Belgian army, on the other hand, not so much. While they want to be like their Scandinavian counterparts, they clearly are not, as not only did they contribute to this obnoxious trend waaaaaaaaaay too late, but also they are getting in some serious hot water from their superiors for “making the Belgian military look like assholes” (I agree. I mean, this video is over a month and a half past its prime).

Some in the unit are defending their actions, assuring folks that there was no danger as the machine guns they are seen dancing with were not loaded (too bad, we could have had our first “Harlem Shake”-related casualty), but the pleas have so far fallen on deaf ears as Belgium’s Defense Minister, Bart Ghys, assures other Harlem Shake haters that discipline will be considered.

I say we make ‘em watch EVERY Harlem Shake video on the internet.

Starting with this one. And then this one after it.

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