Helmet Cam Makes ‘First-Person’ Police Chase 10,000X More Awesome … Yup [VIDEO]

  The whole time I’m watching this first-person police pursuit video (the style of which has become all the rage on YouTube lately — “first-person” is now de rigueur in police chase videos), I’m thinking to myself, “Please don’t be a black guy, please don’t be a black guy,” because black guys seem to get a raw deal when it comes to the law. And then, it turns out to be a black guy. So now, I’m holding out hope that the cop was pulling him over for prejudicial reasons and the man was fleeing for what he perceived to be his life. This guy isn’t bad, he’s just persecuted that way. What further strikes me as interesting is the sheer number of times this guy appears to lose the cop. There are times where it appears to be miles of flat land, and I can’t find the speeding car. This town, with its straight lanes of blacktop and few fellow drivers, was basically built for badass police chases. Somebody call Rockstar Games — “Grand Theft Auto: Podunk Hicksville” should be the next offering in the series. Or even better: This town should make police chases a tourist attraction — if you can get away from the cops, you get a free fried turkey leg or something. Of course, they’ll have to work on that racist attitude first — nobody likes towns full of hatemongers. For more sweet police action and car chase hijinks, click here.

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