‘Homeless Man’ Gives Money To People Who Need It Far Less Than An Actual Homeless Person [VIDEO]



A homeless man giving ME money? What is this, backwards world? Actually, I don’t give homeless people money either (it might encourage them to get a job as a social media writer), so I guess it’s some “other dimension” thing, really.

I don’t like this now-viral video put out by the so-far appropriately named “Mediocre Films,” in which they hire an actor to dress like a homeless person and hand out dollars to “normal people.” The video feels like it has this notion that, as a concept, it is profound — like, “Wow, man, let’s blow the establishment’s mind with this crazy reversal! It will get people to reexamine the way they view actual homeless people.”

The reality is quite different. Not only would I not be “moved” by a drifter giving me cash, I would likely decline it because the far more likely scenario is that he ran that dollar bill through his ass or that when I tried to take it, he would stick me with a hepatitis-infected needle. Homeless people handing out money definitely falls into the category of “Beware Greeks bearing gifts.”

Sure, I look like a jerk for thinking that, but when I’m not down in Cuba getting an illegal, back-alley blood transfusion because I got infected with “Hobo Disease” (I think my cousin died of that), we’ll see who made the better choice.

God, that money could have been spent far better on an actual destitute family instead of these upwardly mobile citizens.

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