How To Get A Ton Of Views Doing Absolutely Nothing Starring Ryan Higa & Psy [VIDEO]

Step 1: Find something incredibly popular and buzz-worthy on YouTube. For this example, we’ll use Korean superstar and unofficial internet video king Psy and the release of his newest music video for “Gentleman,” which has amassed more than 67 million views and is still rising.

Step 2: Make a reaction video of you watching the music video, but be sure to seem incredibly unimpressed and blankly stare at your computer screen. Subtle glares and feigning interest will help your audience still feel slightly connected to your otherwise lifeless and yawn-inducing performance.

Step 3: ?????????

Step 4: Profit. Rake in those views with little to no work and add to your giant, Scrooge McDuck-style mountain of internet money.

Love you, Ryan! 😉
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