‘Instagramming Strangers’ Food Prank’ Video Leaves You Asking, ‘Earlybird or Sierra Filter?’

“Don’t touch your food! I still need to Instagram it!” Sitting across the table from my best friend at our favorite brunch spot “More Than Waffles,” I couldn’t help but shake my head and drool over the steaming plates of waffles that, at the moment, I was being deprived of for a stupid picture. Damn you, Instagram, I am never able to eat a meal right out of the kitchen anymore! With a couple clicks and a grunt of satisfaction, he allows me to dive into my meal as he rattles off the usual questions: How’s the lighting in the photo? Should I use the Valencia or Sierra filter? Which filters match my outfit and speaks to your soul more?

It’s a situation we’ve all been a part of, whether you are the cameraman or the bystander being shoved out of the way so your friend can get a better angle of your meal. Taking it to the next level, the gentlemen from TheOfficialHungry channel created a prank video “Instagramming Strangers’ Food Prank” in which they ask complete strangers if they can Instagram their meals. After watching people’s reactions to being approached in the video, you come to wonder: If that were me, what would I do if a complete stranger asked to Instagram my food? Some seem flattered; some seem just downright disturbed. But all the reactions are priceless.

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