Jack Vale ‘Prank’ is Deadly Serious in Post-9/11 World [VIDEO]



Jess Slater, our new graphic designer, has only been in Southern California a short time, and she’s already a YouTube “star.” Of course, she didn’t know it until recently. A victim of a Jack Vale prank, Jack drives up to her and her husband, George, at the 2:04 mark in this vid to tell them “he’ll see them tonight.”

They, like everyone else in the video, respond appropriately, telling him he is confused. Vale just laughs and drives on.

I hate this sort of poke. I am fine looking like a clueless dumbass — I’ve been doing it my whole life, but it is annoying in that videos like this one inspire other yahoos to dangerously take up hidden recording devices in an effort to become YouTube stars. Yahoos like this guy.

I know it seems “terribly unhip” to not want to be filmed — especially when I too live in Southern California, but Jack Vale didn’t come back and ask Jess if it was cool to use the footage, and now roughly 80 thousand people have seen her (she found out about it through people who know her husband). What if she was in witness protection?

The sobering reality is that in this post-9/11 world, we need to be more sensitive to people’s panic and fears about strangers. Jack Vale should be held up to the light for the creep he is and be made to realize that by harassing strangers for personal gain, he is fostering a climate of mistrust and isolation.

April Fool’s Day. Of course I am kidding. This prank is hilarious. People need to loosen up.

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