Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon Duet to Show America They’re ‘Still Friends’ [VIDEO]



When I arrived in Los Angeles as a fat, unkempt, goofy teenager, one of my first stops was to Universal Studios. There, a lady asked me if I looked like anyone famous. “Yeah, Tom Cruise” I responded. A few minutes later I was on “The Tonight Show” and being interviewed by Jay Leno.

I’ve always liked Jay Leno since then, and even through the kerfuffle with Conan, I wanted Leno to hang around. I don’t care much for Jimmy Fallon’s schtick (though he seems like a pleasant fellow), and so it is a dark time for me these days (though I also don’t really watch late night television, which is maybe part of the reason ol’ Jay is getting the boot). But, as this clip shows, these two men are still friends — musically speaking — through this awkward time. I think, now that it’s all pretty much over, maybe I’ll choose Jimmy Kimmel as the late night guy I don’t really watch.

His job seems somehow safe for now.

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