Jenna Marbles on 1 Billion Views, Set to Overtake Ray William Johnson? [VIDEO]



So it’s only taken the rest of the world a couple years to figure out what the rest of us already knew: Jenna Marbles is a STAR. Now this new mainstream media coverage all comes on the heels of her getting her 1 billionth click — that being the new signifier of “elite” status in the world of YouTube — a designation shared by other such top channels as SMOSH, Ray William Johnson and The Young Turks. Of course, just because we knew about her before you doesn’t make us any cooler — the same goes for you though when you brag that you listened to Selena Gomez’s music before it was “mainstream.”

Just so we can all be on the Jenna Marbles bandwagon together, Jenna started off her YouTube life as a young blonde girl named Jenna Mourey, who achieved 5.3 million views for a video she put up back in early 2011 called “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.” Since then, it has all been gangbusters for the Boston College grad, who puts up a new video every Wednesday and reportedly lives in a $1.1 million pad in Santa Monica.



In fact, numerically-speaking Jenna is poised to become the biggest YouTube star of them all, as she is in the top three of subscribed YouTube channels and has done it with less than half the number of uploaded video of the leading channel, SMOSH. In fact, according to VidStatsX, Jenna should overtake Ray William Johnson’s channel, which is #2 subscriber-wise, in the next week or so, so keep an eye out for that mark (don’t worry, we’ll report it when it does). I’d put my stake in her becoming the biggest YouTuber of them all in the next couple of years — unless she does something really dumb like gain weight or get cheek piercings and tweet out that she wants Drake to “murder her vagina.” Actually, that second one would probably somehow work for her.

The celebrity does not come without its drawbacks though — as Jenna has endured some negative attention for her particular popularity with teens, tweens and lonely old perverts. Her drinking, sexuality and profane humor have earned her the rap of being a potentially bad role model for her young fans, despite her outspokenness against promiscuity (damn!) and her dislike of random guys jock-humping girls in nightclubs (double damn!). But a little controversy is clearly good for the bank account as Jenna is rumored to earn somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 million a year. And for that kind of money, Miss Marbles can pretty much buy and sell anybody who doesn’t like her.

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