Kid Drummer A Viral Phenom With Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’ [VIDEO]



I am mostly not nice to children with overly ambitious parents. I don’t think the whole “force them to do a bunch of stuff at a really young age” tactic works especially well, and the kids usually grow up “too maladjusted” to laugh at the juvenile fart humor I attempt at cocktail socials.

Look, what is the ceiling for this kid? I’d say he reached it. He’s a better drummer than most people out there, and as such, he either gets bored with music (as he can’t progress too much further) and ends up a meth addict, or he realizes that the sky is the limit with his talent and he changes the world for the better with his music a la Bill & Ted and their series of (mis)adventures. Of course, he can only change the world so much before people begin to whine that “his shit is tired” and that they “prefer boy bands.” People are like that sometimes. So he is forced to go into early retirement and then he gets bored and develops a meth habit. As a musician, all roads eventually lead to meth. And then devil worship. Goddamn drummers, I tell ya.

Best of luck kid — and way to wail on the Van Halen.

Watch this basketball phenom kid vid though. This kid will end up this other kid’s meth dealer probably. Circle of life and all that.

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