‘Kid President’ Meets Actual President — Tells Barack Obama He’s ‘Doing Awesome’ [VIDEO]



Robby Novak, a 9-year-old YouTube actor, is having the kind of existence that he will not really appreciate until he is many years older, but sometimes, that’s the only way these things can happen.

Barack Obama, president of these United States, continued to show his grasp of smart politicking by meeting with one of the sharpest minds around: “Kid President.”

“Kid President,” a viral video conceptualized by Rainn Wilson’s “Soul Pancake” YouTube channel, is the sage advice offered up by Novak, a little third-grader who just wants to change the world for the better. Apparently, Kid President is popular enough that the real president took notice.

Included in the meeting was a tour of the Oval Office, which included artifacts from both Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. — two of Obama’s major influences, and a pleasant “howdya do” from White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (ooh, fun). Doesn’t Obama have a neat dog or something?

If Obama took anything away from the meeting, it was that he is “doing awesome” at being the actual president. And considering that at age 9, Novak is candidly meeting the president instead of being forced to make athletic shoes 20 hours a day in some sweaty factory, I might be inclined to agree.

Jesus, is that what we have to compare our existence to now?

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