KidHaru: Forever Young and Doing Tons of Cool Sh*t [YouTube NextUp Creator Profile Series]

The YouTube channel of KidHaru (Devin White) is tough to pin down. Part martial arts hub, part vlog, the KidHaru channel is, above everything, about being forever young and doing tons of cool shit.

Remember when you were a little kid and had enough energy to power a small Pacific island? The KidHaru channel is dedicated to those halcyon days jumping, diving and flipping over anything and everything. Christ, my knees hurt just watching this kid.

I caught up with the young YouTube creator fresh off of a visit to YouTube’s L.A. Creator Space where he, much to my excitement, used the phrase “serve up some flipping justice.” This guy is awesome.

I’ve been trying for a while, but for the life of me I can’t sum up your channel KidHaru in a few sentences. What is your channel all about? Freerunning? VFX? Action videos?

Devin White: I guess I’d say my channel is still developing, but it’s basically a place where I get to be the goofy heroes and role models I used to watch on television as a kid. Every kid wanted to be a superhero; I’m developing the skills to live one.

You have a video, “Parkour Is Everywhere!” — have you ever done something during a parkour session that was just too sketchy? Maybe you thought you’d die if you tried it?

The sketchiest thing I did was flip over a gap between two small rooms at tempest. The takeoff and landing space was only as wide as a doorway, and if I fell, the flooring was anything but soft, assuming I missed one of the poles attached to the wall. I ended up landing with my toes hanging off the edge and just barely managed not to slip and fall. I laughed for an hour after that.