Kitty Cat Star Wars Parody ‘Paw Warz’ Is Slightly Worse Than Jar Jar Binks

The internet was invented in the late 70’s — specifically as a means to share pictures and videos of cats through a very elaborate system of tubes. This technology somehow branched away from its original objective to become the information superhighway we know today, but the main concepts of cat sharing holds true. Flash forward some 40+ years and the internet is still the domain of our fluffy feline friends. The internet geniuses over at The Pet Collective have put out their kitty-centric twist on Star Wars — a video dubbed ‘Paw Warz’(adding a Z makes everything 10x cooler) — thus merging together 2 of the most amazing things ever and basically “winning” the game. What is this game, you ask? It’s called the game of Awesome Sauce, and this video is drenched in it. Actually, it’s kind of awkward and not that funny,but it has cats. And Star Wars. So, yeah. The internet.

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