‘Mad Men’ Star Allison Brie Imitates Grumpy Cat, Ermagerd and Other Memes In ‘Speakeasy’ YouTube Video

Is there anything better than a Hollywood actress imitating the lovable, and always miffed, internet superstar Grumpy Cat? Well, maybe a free trip to the Bahamas, but besides that, nothing really comes to mind.

“Mad Men” actress Allison Brie recently sat down with comedian Paul F. Tompkins for some good ol’ fashioned internet fun on his web series “Speakeasy,” which is a part of the MadeManDotCom YouTube channel. On the show, Tompkins interviews Hollywood celebrities in a speakeasy bar about “this, that and the other,” as he puts it. In the show’s most recent episode released on Monday, Brie is asked to give her best imitations of our favorite internet memes — Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, Ermahgerd, unflattering Beyonce and hadouken — while Tompkins directs her with comments like “even more of a cult of one person” in order to give the world some GIF perfection. With expressions that are sure to land her countless awards, Brie’s Oscar-winning performance in the video has left audiences asking: Are she and Overly Attached Girlfriend actually the same person? But all great victories must come to an end as the last GIF imitation of hadouken literally sweeps the Hollywood actress off her feet.

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