Maker Studios and Tribeca Films Release Video Magic On ‘Picture Show’ YouTube Channel


There seems no better way to describe the partnership between Maker Studios and Tribeca Films than with a simple equation: Maker + Tribeca = cinematic magic. In May 2012, Tribeca Enterprises, the parent company of the Tribeca Film Festival, and Maker Studios announced that they would be partnering to create the YouTube channel “Picture Show.” Partnering together — as a new media network and traditional media powerhouse — these two companies hoped that “Picture Show” would become a home for talented and original web series and short films. And after a year of creating, Maker Studios and Tribeca Films doesn’t disappoint after releasing the first of their films onto the YouTube channel.

The videos of the channel vary from original comedy series such as “Remix the Movies” — I recommend “Jurassic Park REMIX: Kitchen Confessions” for a good chuckle during your day — to the short film “HISTORY OF FILM in a Minute” created by Maker Studio’s Mary Doodles and GiveMeMotion’s Dante Cimadamore. Content is slowly being released onto the channel, which gives each film a short amount of time to shine on its own.

Looking forward, Tribeca and Maker Studios will announce later in April the full slate of programming the channel will offer. The partnership is proving beneficial to both parties as Maker creators are getting the opportunity to create more cinematic content with Tribeca’s resources and Tribeca has the opportunity to access Maker’s younger, internet-savvy audience who view most of their video content online rather than in the theaters. A win for creators, studios and viewers alike.

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