Martell TV App Makes YouTube Viewing More Like Television

A Texas company is trying to make YouTube a bit more like television with their “TV Guide” that helps curate the best online video content.

Martell TV, designed by Martell Brothers Studios, is a browser app that brings all your favorite YouTube videos into stations, much like how television stations run their programming throughout the day.  Carey Martell, CEO of Martell Brothers Studios, said that the beta version of the app will go live next month, but they’re trying to raise $60 thousand on Indiegogo to develop and improve it.

He told NMR that he was inspired to make the app after frustratingly trying to introduce his family and friends to new web series: “I’m always introducing people to new web series, but it takes me hours to find quality content on YouTube because — and I’m just calling it like I see it — YouTube is a search engine where great content drowns.”

Martell TV’s traditional broadcasting format makes it easier for viewers to find and remember their favorite web series or videos. It lets content creators schedule and compile their videos into stations where they can play episodes back to back for their audience’s convenience.

“It’s easier for many people to remember what time and station a show comes on than to remember to check a bookmark, which is more how YouTube’s subscription system works,” Martell says. “You have to click on a lot of screens to navigate YouTube’s subscription menus, and it becomes a very tedious process once you start following over 50 people.”

Besides scheduling videos, the Martell TV app will let content creators add station idents and bumps so they can have a transition between videos. The app has nearly 1 thousand slots for you to customize your stations with the videos that you want to watch, and you can stream your videos in a continuous feed throughout the day.

Martell added that his product will help content creators and multi-channel networks in the long run, and help viewers and advertisers to take YouTube seriously as a platform: “I think it’d be great if they’d build stations and slot all their creators into the weekly schedules, and promote the station page to their audiences. Martell TV is going to be a fantastic way to curate web series.”

For more information about how Martell TV works, you can check out their demonstration video above.


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