Murder Confession On Reddit? ‘Confession Bear’ Meme Posting Leads to FBI Investigation

Reddit just got a hell of a lot more interesting …

Users on the social forum Reddit frequently use hilarious “Advice Animal” memes to convey deeply relatable truths about themselves without specifically standing under the “metaphorical spotlight.” It’s something akin to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, only there are funny animals involved. But one Redditor might have been just a little too honest and not quite anonymous enough.


User “Naratto” posted a “Confession Bear” meme — a photo of a bear looking mildly ashamed, usually with accompanying text that admits some “shameful” or “malicious” act/thought/feeling by the poster. Only instead of the usual “I dislike fat people” or “I sometimes think about writing for an online magazine” mundacity, Naratto posted: My sister had an abusive meth addict boyfriend; I killed him with his own drugs while he was unconscious and they ruled it as an overdose.” Damn, that’s some serious “Confession Bear” for ya.

Naratto posted the meme late Saturday night in the “Advice Animals” subreddit under the heading: “finally have the guts to say it.” The tide turned sharply against “Naratto,” as he endured a volley of negative comments (but also a surprising amount of positivity — 10,200 upvotes versus 8,800 downvotes) over the admission. He quickly deleted the post and chalked it up to “a joke,” even going so far as to post another meme — this one of the popular “South Park ski instructor” — reading, “If you joke about murder on Reddit without a throw away account; you’re gonna have a bad time.”


After users began doxxing “Naratto” (exposing personal facts about him via past posts and hacking), Naratto “updated” his joke status admitting that there is “SOME truth in the posting” but also that “it’s THE DAMN INTERNET” and that people make up stuff all the time. Of course, now the actual truth is for the FBI to decide. Though “Naratto” finally deleted his entire account and username, other Redditors have since turned him in to the FBI’s online tip service, providing them with the suspect’s full name, address, military involvement and place of employment. So if this guy really does have a sister whose boyfriend really did die of an overdose, consider this idiot boned.

And now, knowing Reddit, expect a bunch of new “Advice Animals” offering their unique takes on the stupidity of confessing to murder online. Also a few about whether someone “finally got the safe opened.”




If you like stories about morons getting busted on Reddit, you’ll like this a lot.

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