MysteryGuitarMan Puts Your Morning Routine To Shame In New ‘My Dubstep Kitchen’ Video

When I am running out the door to work most mornings, I consider my three golden facts that, if achieved, will make for an excellent day. One, am I slightly less late than usual? Two, am I wearing both pants and shoes at the moment? Three, am I hungover after rocking that beer pong tournament last night? If the answers are yes, yes, no, then today is going to be A-OK. It may be simple, but we all know getting out the door on time in the morning — hell, just getting out of bed — can sometimes be the greatest challenge of the day.

So when I first watched YouTuber Sawyer Hartman’s newest video “My Dubstep Kitchen” featuring MysteryGuitarMan, all I could think was “Damn you, MysteryMan. This is setting an impossible standard for the rest of us.” And whose hair looks that good right out of bed, honestly? The dubstep music video was created by capturing all the whirls and clicks and other sounds of the various utensils and appliances that make up MysteryGuitarMan’s morning routine. Check it out above.

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