News Anchor Curses On-Air First Day on Job, Goes Viral, Gets Fired [VIDEO]

I so, so want to lead the charge to get this guy his job back, or, at least, a new and better job, but he looks like he might be kind of a douche … I dunno … I just get that vibe off him. But if he’s not, hoo boy! Light the pitchforks, global villagers!

I have a love/hate relationship with news anchors. Back in my small hometown, as a teenager, I fell hard for a news anchor. I started telling all my friends in town about it, and pretty soon they would tell her that “Jeff Klima has a crush on you.” She began to hear it from everywhere — including one of her cameramen (yup, I was popular — also kind of a stalker creep, I guess). Long story short, she found out I worked at the mall movie theatre and went down there with her co-anchor. They held hands, walked around the theatre and then left without watching a movie. Sigh, I got the point.

Later, she was apparently busted for a DUI and they found cocaine in her car. Ahh, young love.

This guy merely curses on the air. And for that, bam! fired. His name is A.J. Clemente and it was his first day on the job in Bismark, N.D. It was also his last day, and what makes this sort of thing difficult is that news anchor is pretty much the second rung on the ladder in this particular job field. If he can’t get a weatherman job somewhere, he might as well open up a pet shop or something.

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