NitroRCX: Action Films Blended With Radio-Controlled Car Effects [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]

Jett He, co-founder of NitroRCX, has the sort of dedication and passion that I wish I had chromosomally imparted to me. Not only does he run a successful online business devoted to what he loves — RCX cars — but he also makes badass YouTube videos that help sell said cars. It’s like a license to print money — money that drives really fast, that is.

Jett’s YouTube channel, NitroRCX, takes real life filmmaking and splices it with RCX car action to make affordable action films with crazy stunts. If he were just making videos, I would be like, “This guy is clever” — but the fact that the YouTube channel exists to hook youngsters on RXC, this guy is a friggin’ entrepreneurial genius. This is sort of the equivalent of a drug dealer giving the first one away for free to hook teenagers — only, you know, way less evil and not illegal.

It is a mystery to me as to why Jett bothered with the Nextup Program — it seems like he’s got life pretty figured out … unless … HE WAS DOING IT TO SELL THEM NITRORCX CARS! Friggin’ genius!

Sum up your channel in one AWESOME sentence.

Jett He: Radio Control Madness.

You additionally sell RXC cars at your website — what came first, the sales or the YouTube videos? was there before the YouTube channel. We needed a way to demo all the cool stuff we have, and thats how our YouTube channel started.

What one video of yours is a must-watch?

The must-watch video on our channel now is the new “Fast and Furious 6 R/C parody,” which went viral, and is now featured on Top Gear, Autoblog, Gizmodo and more.

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