Not All Biker Dudes Smoke Meth and Beat Women [VIDEO]

Growing up, I lived next door to a biker and his wife. They were very nice people. They would always sign up for those magazine drives we had at my elementary school whenever I came by, let me play pool on their pool table, and even let me hold their illegally-owned Komodo dragon. The biker dude fabricated an entire motorcycle from the ground up, only to get t-boned by a pickup truck a week after completing it, subsequently getting his jaw ripped off his face and then being put in a medically-induced coma for two weeks. They fixed his jaw, and when he eventually came to, he was severely mentally handicapped and could barely function or communicate like he used to. After three months of rehabilitation, he was allowed to return home.

The first thing he did, even with his mind functioning far below normal, was to begun working on a new motorcycle. I’ve been scared of motorcycles ever since, but seeing his commitment to something he loved despite all the odds stuck with me.

This story had nothing to do with the video … but it was a good story, wasn’t it?

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